Fire Nation


Fire Nation

Location Western hemisphere
Capital Fire Nation Capital
Religious authority Fire Sages
Form of government Autocratic monarchy
Head of State Fire Lord
Currency Fire Nation gold piece

The Fire Nation is one of the four nations and is located in the western hemisphere, on the earth's equator. It is made of many islands, making it an archipelago. It's the second largest nation, the first being the Earth Kingdom. The Fire Nation's capital is known as the Fire Nation capital. The form of government is monarchy, and is led by the Fire Lord. The Fire Nation is the home for almost every firebender.

Their economy is one of the most advanced, along with the Earth Kingdom, both having sophisticated and well-developed economic systems to expedite and support their daily lives. Though, the Fire Nation are regconised as the most powerful nation, with major technological developments surpassing the other nations, especially with their competent and strong military.


[edit] Nation Symbol

[edit] Culture

[edit] Customs

[edit] Food

[edit] Industry

[edit] Government

[edit] Geography

[edit] Notable Locations

  • Beach cave
  • Black Cliffs
  • Boiling Rock prison
  • Capital City
  • Crescent Island
  • Ember Island
  • Fire Fountain City
  • Fire Nation bazaar
  • Great Gates of Azulon
  • Hama's village
  • Hing Wa Island
  • Jang Hui
  • Kirachu Island
  • Roku's island
  • Royal Plaza
  • Shu Jing

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