Tigerdillos (left) against the Fire Ferrets (right) in a Pro-bending match

Pro-bending is a sport introduced in Avatar: The Legend of Korra in Republic City. The sport consists of two co-ed teams composed of three players each, each player representing a different element. The purpose of Pro-bending is to utilize your bending skill competitively to advance on the playing arena, or to, alternatively, knock the other team off the board entirely. The matches are held inside the Republic City Bending Arena.

[edit] Teams

  • Future Industries Fire Ferrets: Mako, Bolin, Korra
  • Ba Sing Se Badgermoles
  • Black Quarry Boarcupines
  • Bau Ling Buzzard Wasps
  • Capital City Catgators
  • Ember Island Eel Hounds
  • Golden Temple (Tu Zin) Tigerdillos
  • Harbor Town Hog Monkeys
  • Kolau Komodo Rhinos
  • Laogai Lion Vultures
  • Mo Ce Mongoose Lizards
  • Makapu Moose Lions
  • Orchid Gardens Ostrich Horses
  • Pinnacle Palace Platypus Bears
  • Red Sands Rabaroos: Adi, Ula, Umi
  • White Falls Wolfbats
  • Xiao Yao Zebra Frogs
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