The Revelation

The Revelation
Amon takes the stage during The Revelation
Book Air
Episode No. (Season) 3
Episode No. (Series) 3
Locations Republic City
Air Temple Island
Republic City Bending Arena
Main Characters Korra
Nation Water

The Revelation is the third episode of the first season of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. The Fire Ferrets are informed they will need thirty thousand yuans if they are to compete in the Pro-Bending Tournament, and do what they can to scrape together the amount. Unfortunately Bolin gets tangled up in a bad situation, forcing Korra and Mako to go undercover to save him.


[edit] Synopsis

At the Republic City Bending Arena, the Fire Ferrets are hard at work, training for the upcoming tournament. Being the rookies, they are given the earliest time slot available, much to Korra's displeasure. As they are practicing, Butakha walks in and
Butakha meeting the Fire Ferrets.
introduces himself to Korra. He runs the Pro-Bending operation and is there to give Mako the winnings from their previous match, plopping a fat wad of cash in his hand. As Mako gets a comfortable look, Butakha starts taking from the stack, mentioning payment for things like the Korra's equipment, gym and apartment rentals, and when it looks as though Mako is at least going to have some left, Butakha takes the last bit as payment for Bolin's grocery loan, much to Mako's disliking. Before Butakha leaves, he drops a bit of sad news on the Fire Ferrets, telling them they will need to fork over thirty thousand yuans to play in the upcoming tournament.

[edit] Tournament Bid in Jeopardy

They decide to brainstorm ideas for getting the money, and Bolin enthusiastically presents his plan. He strongly believes that his Fire Ferret Pabu can perform tricks at a level that people would pay to see. Mako shrugs off the idea, saying he'll figure out a way to get the money, as usual. Determined to carry out his plan, Bolin dons a fake mustache and sets up shop in a public area for Pabu to perform a basic tight-rope trick. After the performance, a passerby tosses a Yuan into his cup. Disappointed in the measly amount, Shady Shin pulls up and offers him a job. Bolin informs Shady Shin that his brother doesn't want him messing around with the Triple Threat Triad anymore, and Shady Shin responds by throwing a large chunk of cash into his cup. It only takes a quick glance at the money for Bolin's face to light up.

The scene cuts to Mako bending lightening at a power plant with a group of other benders. The whistle blows and it's time for him to clock out. Mako walks into their apartment and calls out to Bolin, saying he has his favorite dumplings and informing him of his new job. When he finds out Bolin isn't there, he suspects he may be visiting Korra on Air Temple Island, and starts heading that way. As he's walking up, Korra is working on the same Airbending training device that had been giving her so much trouble earlier, with Jinora and Ikki providing the airbending to operate it. As she successfully makes her way through it, Mako approaches. Jinora and Ikki already making comments on Korra's feelings for Mako, she earthbends them into the background. Mako inquires on the whereabouts of Bolin, but Korra doesn't know anything, instead volunteering to help him find his brother with the assistance of Naga.

[edit] Search for Bolin

Naga leads them to the base of the Zuko statue that Bolin was spotted at earlier, with Mako saying it was his usual hangout. He asks a group of nearby kids if they've seen him, and a kid named Skoochy swaps some information for a few yuans, informing the group that Bolin took off with Shady Shin and that something was brewing between the Triple Threats, Red Monsoons, and Agni Kais. Rumors of the triads being caught up in a turf war and recruiting some extra help, with Bolin probably now being involved. Mako wants to head to the Triple Threat's headquarters, and while they're making their trip, Naga gets distracted and begins tracking and chasing Pabu. Korra has to let Naga know that Pabu is on their side, and they continue the trip.

Mako senses something afoot when there aren't any guards outside, and Korra busts down the door. As they call out for Bolin, they hear a truck starting, and upon investigating the noise they see Bolin tied up in the back of a truck in an Equalist convoy. They pursue the Equalists and those riding cycles decide to hang back and give them a fight, first taking out Naga. Their Chi-blocking proves too much for Korra and Mako, and it isn't until Naga is able to get back into the fight that they make their getaway. Korra becomes frightened that she can't bend, and Mako tries to calm her by informing her of what just happened, saying that they were Amon's henchmen. Their confusion over what the Equalists wants with the Triads is quickly dissipated by Mako's worry about Bolin. They search all night but to no avail. Luckily, Korra gets an idea and they set off again.

Korra having her chi blocked.

Arriving where Korra met an Equalist protestor upon her first visit to Republic City, they decide to stake out, in hopes that he'll return. Korra questions Mako about his history, and he has no problem letting her know his past and why he's so determined to find the only family he has left. They are woken up by the Equalist protestor shouting into his megaphone, and quickly separate from each other after realizing they had fallen asleep, leaning against one another. They approach the protestor and question him, and after he says he doesn't know, Korra earthbends a table with a stack of fliers into the air, and the fliers rain down. More questioning leads to no answer, and after snagging a few fliers they run off to think. Mako discovers that the back of the fliers make up a puzzle, revealing a map with the location of the big Equalist rally marked.

Now wearing disguises, they approach a large complex, and use a flier as an invitation to get in. They make their way to the middle of a large crowd, while a man announces Amon. Amon and a few Chi-blockers appear on a stage and Amon grabs a microphone, telling the story of how he got to where he is today and why he wants to suppress benders. He goes on about a fire bender killing off his family and permanently scarring his face. Continuing on with his speech, he leads into the main event. Saying that the Spirits have chosen him over the Avatar, he boasts the power to take away people's bending. The leader of the Triple Thread Triad, Lightning Bolt Zolt, is moved closer to Amon to begin his demonstration. Other benders are put alongside him, including Bolin.

[edit] Amon's New Power

Amon decides to give Lightning Bolt Zolt a chance to defend himself, freeing him. After some quick moves, Amon easily defeats him, and begins taking away his bending while he is shooting lightning, which slowly fades to fire, and eventually nothing. The next contestant is moved over while the crowd cheers. Mako and Korra formulate a plan to push steam out into the crowd, allowing for them to grab Bolin and escape. Korra makes her way into the back room and begins letting steam out, when she is spotted. Trying the old "looking for the bathroom" line when asked why she was back there, she is attacked, but easily defeats her opponent, loosening up some more steam in the process. By this time, Amon is moving on to Bolin, and while he makes his way over to him, Korra pushes the steam into the room. Mako jumps on stage and grabs him, and the duo begin to move. As they're climbing down a ladder, The Lieutenant electrifies it, sending them to the ground. They battle for a bit but are eventually defeated, and just as The
Amon finishing the removal of Lightning Bolt Zolt's bending.
Lieutenant claims victory, Korra shows up and earthbends him into a wall. Naga comes in and they make an escape. Pulling himself back up, he orders some Chi-blockers to chase after the group, an order that is quickly negated by Amon, saying the Avatar will be the perfect messenger of his new abilities.

On Air Temple Island, Tenzin is relieved to see Korra, but she is a bit shaken up after what went down. Asking if she found Bolin, she lets him know where she was and what she saw. Tenzin is shocked to hear the news, saying that only the Avatar has ever held such an ability. Still, he is forced to believe her, and as they look on over toward Republic City, Tenzin reflects on how much this changes the potential war, saying no bender is safe anymore.

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