The Southern Air Temple

The Southern Air Temple
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Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 3
Episode No. (Series) 3
Main Locations Southern Air Temple
Main Characters
Original air date February 25th, 2005
Previous Episode The Avatar Returns
Next Episode The Warriors of Kyoshi

The Southern Air Temple is the third episode of Book One: Water of the Avatar: The Last Airbender and is also the third episode in the overall series. Its original realese date was February 25th, 2005. Before heading straight to the Northern Water Tribe, Aang decides to show Sokka and Katara his old home, the Southern Air Temples. Katara and Sokka worried for Aang for when he is to discover the hideous truth of what the Fire Nation did to his people.

[edit] Synopsis

While Sokka is sleeping, Aang and Katara are packing up their gear from their campsite. Aang in huge excitement, talks about his old home, the Southern Air Temples. Where he and many of his friends, including Gyatso, his mentor and close friend lived. Aang tells Katara much about the peaceful and beautiful temples.

Aang tricking Sokka.

Too exciteted to wait, Aang awakes Sokka from his sleeping by tricking him into thinking a Prickle Snake has crawled into his sleeping bag but, it was just a stick which, Aang ran across the sleeping bag. Sokka reacts by panicking and jumps around in his sleeping bag screaming, then falling over to the realisation that there wasn't a prickle snake. Since Sokka has been woken up fully, the team all climb onto Appa and head to the temples.

Meanwhile, Prince Zuko docks Fire Nation controlled harbor, located off the coast of the Southwestern Earth Kingdom. His ship needs to be repaired from the damage that the Avatar caused. He wants this task to be done immedatily so he can continue to find the Avatar before he loses Aang's trail. Prince Zuko warns his Uncle, Iroh, to not mention their encounter of the Avatar, as them and their crew are the only Fire Nation members to know the return of the Avatar and Prince Zuko wants to remain it that way.

Zhao approaches Zuko and Iroh, after over hearing the end of their conversation and Zuko adresses him as "captain Zhao", though Zhao corrects Zuko that he is a commander so, he was obviously promoted. Zhao then sees the damage of Zuko's ship and questions him, Zuko then leaves for his Uncle to make up a story but obviously wasn't very good and Zuko had to continue the story saying that his ship had crashed into an Earth Kingdom's ship. Zhao seemily is curious and ask the two to discuss the details over a drink, Zuko tries to find his way out of it but Iroh accepts the invitation while telling Zuko off and needs to show Zhao some respect. Iroh and Zhao begin to walk off while Iroh ask about tea while Zuko gets frustrated then blast a small amount of fire and follows the other two.

Nearby Patola Mountain Range Sokka begins to get hungry and searches for food in their pack and fails to find the blubbered seal jerky which, he had packed. Aang confesses to Sokka that he used it to light the campfire leaving Sokka grumbling, "No wonder the flames smelled so good."

Sokka looking for food.

Katara constantly reminded Aang about the Air Temples could of have changed in the pass one hundred years and warns him that the Fire Nation possibly killed everyone who lived there. Aang shrugs off her concerns and tells her that there is no way anyone could reach the air temples without a Sky Bison and they had no access to them. The group then reaches their destination.

In a tent, Zhao, Iroh and Zuko are having tea and Zhao explains to the pair about the Fire Nation's plan to victory. Zuko has many doubts about these plans, the conversation then turns to the Prince's search of the Avatar, Zuko lies to him saying it is still unsuccessful. As Prince Zuko has about to leave, Zhao's guards make him come to a hault as they have information from members of Zuko's crew, reporting that the Avatar was in their presences until escaping.

Zhao talking of Zuko's searches for the Avatar.

Sokka is still hungry and Katara shows some annoyance that he is only thinking about food as they are one of the first outside visitors to see the temples, Sokka just answers that he is a simple guy with simple needs. Aang's tour then brings him down, after his old home is so empty and things have changed greatly. In hope to cheer up Aang, Sokka shows interest in the airball game Aang had previously mentioned and they end up having a game.

Aang is very skilled at this game and Sokka has a huge disavantage since, he isn't an airbender. The two stand on tall post and Aang sends the ball flying towards Sokka, the airbening he used gave it more speed and power hit many post then Sokka who himself and the ball go through the goal. The game ends with Aang at seven points and Sokka zero.

When Sokka lying on the ground, he noticed something and crawled over to it discovering it is an old Fire Nation helmet and calls Katara over. They both decide to show Aang until the last minute Katara decides to try to protect Aang from the truth and uses her bending to cover it (which, also got Sokka) with snow, saying she learned a new waterbending trick. Aang simply tells her she needs to stop practicing and tour the rest of the temple. Sokka then tells Katara she can't protect Aang forever.

Gyasto's statue.

The next scene is the team still touring the temples with Aang running around, Sokka tells Katara she can't pretend the Fire Nation have been to the temples but, she says she can for Aang's sake. Aang introduces them to a statue of Monk Gyasto who Aang says is the best airbender in the world.

Gyasto giving Aang his wisdom.

There is a flashback of Monk Gyasto teaching Aang how to make a Fruit Pie but Aang seems troubled and isn't listening. Gyasto then ask Aang what's wrong and Aang talks about being the Avatar. Gyasto tells him he shouldn't of have been told he was the Avatar (so by this we can tell he has recently been told) and then tells that people cannot be concered about what was but what is. Aang was still worried about not being ready and Gyasto tells advices him he will be okay and when he's old enough, be able to visit the Air Temple Sanctuary where someone will help him. Gyasto then readies Aang to airbend and they both use airbending on the fruit pies which, each pie hits the elder monks who are meditating. They both share a laugh and Gyasto tells Aang his aim has improved.

After the flashback, Katara tells Aang he must miss him, Aang agrees and then heads to the Air temple Sanctuary where he can meet the unknown person who can help him. Confused, Katara and Sokka follow. All three look at the giant door of the sanctuary and Katara tells Aang there is no way anyone could survive in there for one hundred years, Aang happily replies that it's possible sinced he survived in the ice berg for the same amount of time. Sokka who is still hungry seems to be interested if there's food behind the doors and ask if there's a key after failing to open it. Aang tells Sokka airbending is the key and uses his airbending to open the doors. Both doors slowly open and there seems to be a large room but it's very dark and they all enter.

Zhao calls Zuko and his crew pathetic after being defeated by a twelve year old boy. Zuko says they all, including himself underestimated him and that will not ever happen again, Zhao agrees and tells him it will not ever happen again because he won't be hunting the avatar any longer. In rage, Zuko tries to attack him but is held back by guards. Zhao orders his guards to keep Zuko and Iroh behind and he leaves. Still angry, Zuko kicks over a table and then Iroh calmly demands for more tea.

Few of the statues.

Back in the sanctuary, they all discover that the room is filled with hundreds of statues, Sokka, to his disappointment complains about no meat being in the room. Katara and Aang both realised all these statues are the pass Avatars. Aang stares at one of the statues and goes into some sort of trance but then Katara snapped him out of it. He tells them that is Avatar Roku, the previous Avatar of him. Sokka notices that Roku is a firebender and told Aang that must be why he didn't trust him when they first met. All three of them hear someone coming and all hide behind the statues, expecting a firebender they realise it is just a Winged Lemur. Aang yells Lemur then Sokka yells dinner and they both chase it and Katara stays behind. Both are very determined to capture the lemur, Aang intends for it to be a pet while Sokka wants to eat it. They both attempt to stop each other with Aang the only one being successful in doing so. The lemur then flies of the balcony and Aang jumps off as well, leaving Sokka behind.

The lemur.

Zhao returns to the tent telling him his search party is ready and once he is gone, his gaurds will escort them both back too their ship. Zuko questions Zhao of being worried that he will be stopped by him, Zhao just laughs it off and says it's impossible. Zuko vows he will capture the avatar before Zhao however, Zhao notes that there is barely competition between the two. Their agurement contiunes until Zuko challenges him to an Agni Kai at sunset, Zhao accepts the challenge. When the commander is gone, Iroh reminds Zuko of his last Agni Kai match with the "master", refering to his father. Zuko replies that he will never forget that.

Still chasing the lemur, Aang follows the lemur into a room where he discovers many Fire Nation soilders skeletons and then he sees Monk Gyasto's skeleton surrounded by the others. Devastated, he begins to cry of the thought of how his master and very close friend died. Sokka finally catches up and tells Aang he wasn't actually going to eat the lemur but he then realised Aang is upset. Sokka tries to comfort Aang but in time to stop in going into the Avatar State, Aang then creates I giant "ball" of air that surrounds him and sends Sokka flying back.

Skeleton of Gyasto.

At the exact moment, Katara was admiring the statues and witnesses them glowing and knows something is wrong so she searches for Aang and her brother. Similar events happen at the Water, Earth, and Fire Nation temples and the Fire Sages orders to inform the Fire Lord that the Avatar has returned. Katara arrives to the scene and Sokka tells her that Aang found out the Fire Nation killed Gyasto. She then tries to approach him but struggles.

It's sunset and Prince Zuko and Commander Zhao are ready for their match. Iroh reminds his nephew to remember his basics saying they are the greatest assets but Zuko doesn't seem care of his uncles advice and says he will not lose and then stands in the beginning stance. Zhao remarks that the match will be quick and also stands in the beginning stance. The gong goes off and the match starts.

Zuko sends out many blast of fire which Zhao aviods with ease. While Zuko was catching breath, Iroh reminded him again to use his basics. Zhao returns many powerful blast of fire with Zuko managing to block each one but eventually fell back. Zhao proceeds to make the final move of the match by making a blast of fire at Zuko's face but banished prince quickly jumps up to dodge the attack and sweeps Zhao over. The commander quickly recovers but not quick enough to aviod any of the attacks from Zuko. With one more kick with a blast of fire to take Zhao down. The prince aims at Zhao's face but hesitates and then purposely misses, telling him next time [he] won't hold back and walks away.

In anger Zhao tries to attack Zuko from behind but Iroh quickly stops him by grabbing him the the foot and pushes him away. Iroh then tells off the "great commander" and states that his nephew is more honourable than him, thanks him for the delicious tea and leaves. When leaving, Zuko asks his uncle if he really meant what he said to Zhao, Iroh then admits the tea was very good.

Iroh scolding Zhao.

Realising it is too difficult to reach Aang, Sokka and Katara both cling onto some rocks. In attempt to reach to Aang, Katara first relates to his feelings about hers when her mother was killed. She then tells him even though his kind are gone, Sokka and herself are his family. Aang begins to calm down and Sokka then promises Aang that they won't let anything happen to him. Aang is still seemily upset when he realises that he is the last airbender.

Before leaving, they return to the sanctuary where Aang stares at Avatar Roku's statue. He ask Katara how he is suppose to talk to him but she is unsure. The lemur who has been chased around the temple returns to the sanctuary as well, with many fruit and gives them to Sokka, who immediately eats it considering he has been hungry for a long time. Then the lemur climbs onto Aang. Aang then realised that him, the lemur and Appa are the only survivors of the Southern Air Temple. He then decides to welcome the lemur into their family and calls him Momo.

All three surviors of the Southern Airtemple.

It is dark out when the team leaves when they leave on Appa and Aang stares at his old him in deep thought before it is no longer seen.

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