Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World

Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World
Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 7
Episode No. (Series) 7
Main Characters
Original Air Date 8th April, 2005
Previous Episode Imprisoned
Next Episode Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku

Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World is the seventh episode in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the seventh episode in the overall series. The team comes across a small Earth Kingdom village which, is being terrorised by an angry spirit, Hei Bai, who from the Spirit World. Aang tries to reason with it but failed and lead to it taking Sokka to the spirit world. Aang manages to go into the spirit world and meets Fang, Avatar Roku's animal guide who has a message for Aang from Avatar Roku. Meanwhile, Iroh has been caught and arrested by Earth Kingdom soilders, leaving Prince Zuko to abandon his search of the Avatar to rescue his uncle.

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