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[[Category:Bending Arts]]{{Infobox
[[Category:Bending Arts]]{{Infobox
|title = Waterbending
|title = Waterbending
|image =  
|image = [[Image:Waterbending.png‎|250px]]
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|imagecaption =  
|Source :: Water
|Source :: Water

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Source Water
Learned from The Moon

Waterbending is one of the four current bending arts that enable users to control the movement and flow of water and its various forms. Over a period of time, Waterbenders soon transformed this way of fighting into passive skills such as Healing and Bloodbending. The way of water bending was crafted from the Moon, the master of the ocean, and passed down to the various Water Tribes.


[edit] Style

Waterbending is a graceful, peaceful way of bending. Users must master the flow of water before utilizing the strength of it. Waterbending can be both a peaceful act of controlling the perpetual sea to taking down immense objects, as well as cutting through steel or even stone. Waterbending is both a passive and active bending, and is used in various ways -- both as a way to heal and inflict damage upon your enemies or allies. The most impressive quality of this way of bending is the transformation of defensive attacks into offensive ones. Waterbenders, unlike Fire Benders, are not aggressive fighters. Instead, they defend themselves and allow for affective counters. Water benders must rely on their connection with external forces and stability of their spirituality.

[edit] Notable Waterbenders

Here is a list of notable Waterbenders, masters of waterbending. These characters are featured throughout the show and excel in this form of bending.

[edit] Katara

Katara is a major character in the show and is a huge factor in the conclusion and journey of this show. At first, Katara's ability to master water develops slowly. She used to grow frustrated with Aang's ability to hastily grasp the control of water, but she soon grows to understand water better than most on the show.

By the later episodes of season one, Katara learns to master just about every water tactic known to the Water Tribe, along with various stems of it like Plantbending, bloodbending and healing.

[edit] Master Pakku

A member of the Northern Water Tribe, Master Pakku is a very skilled and graceful Waterbender. He has a great feel for the art, as well as great wisdom. He has been training ever since he was a little kid. After he finally agrees to train Katara, she quickly becomes one of the more powerful Waterbenders in the world.

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