Avatar Aang
Skills Airbending
Energy Bending
Tribe Air Nomad (The Avatar)
Family Katara (wife)
Tenzin (son)

Aang is The Avatar during the time-period of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and quite a bit before. He hails from the Southern Air Nomads, where he studied under the monks, and played with his friends. Throughout his journey, he became friends with many new people, including Katara (whom he fell in love with at first sight, and eventually married), Sokka, Toph Bei Fong, and Zuko, as well as his flying bison and lemur, Appa and Momo respectively.


[edit] Friends

Aang has many friends. However, there are a few who he holds dearly to him, including those who travel with him, and all of his past friends who have either died or lived to an old age to the point that Aang cannot be with them for much longer.

[edit] Katara

Aang's best friend, love interest, and Waterbending teacher is one of the two siblings that found him trapped inside of the iceberg in the South Pole. She was also the one that freed him, using her Waterbending techniques. Together, they traveled throughout the world in order to stop the Fire Nation from getting their evil ways.

[edit] Sokka

Katara's brother, Sokka, is the other sibling that found Aang in the iceberg. Unlike Katara, however, he did not actually have any part in freeing him. Katara is the warrior of the group with melee weapons, and he carries around his boomerang and sword with him constantly. He even tried to train with the Kyoshi Warriors, who he had insulted due to their gender. Despite his normal attitude, he does have a kind heart, and is always willing to put others ahead of himself, even in the worst of times.

[edit] Momo

Momo is a flying lemur that the group found in the Southern Air Temple. Despite not being able to understand English (or any other known human-language), it seems that Aang is able to communicate with him easily, which demonstrates their powerful bond. However, this could just be because Aang grew up in the Air Temples, and is used to the animals of the Air Nomads.

[edit] Bumi

When Aang was young (before he was trapped in the iceberg), he used to go play with a young boy named Bumi in the city of Omashu. Often, Bumi was considered eccentric, and that lead to many fun times for Aang and Bumi both. When Aang was thawed out and brought to the City of Omashu, and after a few trials, he learned that the current king was actually Bumi, his old friend. Together, they played through some of their old antics once more in an attempt to relive the past.

[edit] Toph Bei Fong

A young, blind girl who lived in Gaoling, Toph was introduced to the series to become Aang's Earthbending master, and she did just what she was supposed to. They quickly became good friends, despite her almost-constant feuds with the other members of the group. She proved to be a worthy addition to the group due to her limitless skills that she had, including her own creating, Metalbending.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Fire Nation

As the Avatar, Aang has the Fire Nation after him constantly, as he is the only one who is able to stop the war going on between the four Nations. Out of these people, Zuko (for two and a half seasons), Azula, and Ozai have it out for him the most. However, Aang is able to compete with all of them on a high level. Inside the Fire Nation, he also has a powerful enemy known as Combustion Man, who chases the group through the third season of the TV show. He is able to telepathically create powerful blasts of fire that can attack quickly, which leads to great harm for those who he is targeting.

[edit] Princess Azula

Princess Azula is one of The Avatar's greatest threats. With her powerful Lightningbending techniques, she is a powerful enemy. As Aang never learned Lightningbending, he has no ability to manipulate it, which gives Azula the advantage over him in that art, and is why she uses that mainly instead of traditional Firebending. No matter what the choice, she is not a force that should be taken lightly.

[edit] Fire Lord Ozai

The father of Azula, Fire Lord Ozai wants to kill the Avatar and take over the world. He is a very powerful and fierce Firebender and has no remorse for any of his actions. Unlike Aang, who tries to solve his problems with kindness before violence, Ozai is destructive and wants to eliminate anyone and anything that gets in his way. Aang has to master all four elements before facing him.

[edit] Skills

AirbendingAang.png Aang has known this ability since birth, having being born into the Air Nomads. He was taught it while he was with the Monks at the Southern Air Temple, and he proved quickly adept in mastering it. Despite his mastery of the technique, he uses it to play around much more than he uses it for battle while he is with the Monks, as evidenced by him often using an Air Scooter and playing games with his friends. When he leaves to travel the world, however, he becomes much more fluent in using it in battle, and quickly masters the powerful offensive side to Airbending.

His Airbending master is Monk Gyoshi, who was killed during the Fire Nation raid of the Air Temples, along with all of Aang's Airbending friends. Despite this, Aang learned Airbending before he was frozen in the iceberg, which made it so that his journey as the Avatar was very possible.

WaterbendingAang.png While in the North Pole, Aang (alongside his novice Waterbending friend, Katara) began studying underneath Master Pakku, a powerful Waterbender. However, far before he, Katara was deemed a Waterbending master (all because of her intensive training, despite Aang being able to perform much better in the beginning), and due to this, she took over Pakku's role as Aang's teacher.

While Aang had indeed mastered the full technique of Waterbending by the time the series was over, he did not master one aspect of it: healing. He never learned how to heal, and mainly used it for offensive and defensive. This is the least-used of the four elements however, as he rarely has water available to him during his major battles.

EarthbendingAang.png Aang's teacher of the Earthbending arts is Toph Bei Fong, a young blind girl who is a master of Earthbending. She is very powerful, and knows the right times to use it. She has also developed extra senses, allowing her to feel the earth around her to know what exactly is going on, which means she does not need her eyes. She uses her great skill to teach Aang in order to allow him to defeat Ozai, the Fire Lord.

In battle, he uses the defensive side of Earthbending much more than the offensive side. As an Airbender, the natural opposite of the Earthbenders, this was by far the hardest element for him to learn. However, he learned it and mastered it, despite Toph's remark at the end of the series about him being able to get better.

FirebendingAang.png Before he took on Zuko as a teacher and learned the true meaning behind Firebending, Aang was frightened of Fire and swore to never use it. This is due to the fact that he once burned Katara while attempting to learn early from a man named Jeong Jeong. He only chose to learn this technique as a last resort, when his sneak-attack on the Fire Nation failed, and the Fire Nation powers were re-gained as the eclipse ended.

The only very powerful technique regarding Firebending Aang did not learn was the ability to create lightning. However, Zuko taught him the ability to redirect lightning for his battle with Ozai, and in any future bouts he may have had with Princess Azula.

AangEnergybending.png Aang was not taught the ability to bend energy. Instead, he learned it while on a journey to his past selves to learn how he could defeat Fire Lord Ozai without killing him, or if it was even possible in the first place. He first realized this ability when he was with the Lion Turtle and he could not bend.

When he learned this was when Aang realized that the island he was on (the Lion Turtle) was not actually an island. The Lion Turtle telepathically grants Aang his wisdom, and sets him on his way after easing his burdens. Later, when Aang does battle with Fire Lord Ozai, he heard the Lion Turtle telling him that before the Avatar's time, everyone bent the energy inside themselves. It is then that Aang realized Energy Bending, and used it for the first real time.

[edit] Animal Guide

Main Article: Appa
Appa, the Flying Bison

Aang, like all of the other past Avatars, has an Animal Guide that he personally picked. His is Appa, a large flying bison. Appa is completely loyal to Aang.

Their relationship began when Aang fed him an apple as a young child in the Southern Air Temple. This is when Appa first started to show trust towards and to Aang, and they have been best friends ever since. As soon as Katara broke Aang out of the iceberg in the middle of the South Pole, Appa was found waiting for him in a nearby ditch, and he responded to Aang's voice almost immediately.

Together (along with Sokka and Katara), they traveled the world in order to realize Aang's full potential as The Avatar, and to stop Fire Lord Ozai.

[edit] Avatar State

Main Article: Avatar Spirit
Aang realizing the power of the Avatar

Aang was first found in his Avatar State when Katara and Sokka released him from the giant glacier. However, by that time, he had not yet learned about the full power of the Avatar Spirit, and it became virtually useless...but destructive.

He first used it while fully conscious (however, not knowing that he was using it) when Aang and his friends visited the Southern Air Temple and he saw Monk Gyatso and the rest of the Airbenders had been killed in the Fire Nation Raids. However, with the help of his friends, Aang was calmed down, and exited the Avatar State.

When he met Avatar Roku in the second part of the Winter Solstice episodes, Roku used him by accessing the Avatar State. With that power, Aang and Roku together defeated the Fire Nation Elders and drove them out of the temple, along with Zuko and Commander Zhou.

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