Air Nomads

Air Nomads
Southern Air Temple.png
Air Nomads
Location Mountain Ranges (Global)
Capital None
Form of Government Senate
Head of State Four Council of Elders
Religious Authority Four Council of Elders
Currency Unknown
Leader Council of Elders
First Appearance The Boy in the Iceberg

The Air Nomads is the collective term for the nation of people who practise the art of Airbending. It exists as one of the four major nations.

[edit] Living Airbenders

The Air Nomads were peaceful, loving and calm. Unfortunately, when the Fire Nation declared war to take over the world and eliminate the Avatar, they could not stop them and the Fire Nation wiped all but one out , a young boy named Aang, the Avatar. He only survived because he triggered his Avatar State and encased himself in a ball of ice with Appa during the Fire Nation purge.

However, during the time of The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, Aang had died. In spite of this, he and Katara had an Airbending son named Tenzin who serves as the Avatar, Korra's, Airbending master.

[edit] Location

All four of the Air Nomads' temples were located in very odd places. Some are on tall mountain ranges that can only be visited by flying or using some type of machinery, while others are in the side of the Earth, hidden from all who do not know have of its existence.

[edit] Notable Places

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