Race Sky Bison
Occupation Animal Guide
Nation Air Nomads
Friends Aang (owner)

Appa is Aang's Sky Bison. As he is Aang's pet, he is the Animal Guide to Avatar Aang, as Fang was the Animal Guide to Avatar Ruko. Appa is one of the main reasons that the main group is able to get around wherever they want with ease, and he does get them out of quite a few tight spots, such as when Aang is told to speak with Avatar Roku during the Winter Solstice, and the group is attacked by Fire Nation Navy Ships. Using his skillful flying, he works along with Aang's Airbending to create some powerful wind techniques. He flies only when hearing the command "Yip-yip!" or on the occasion where he decides to fly on his own.

Appa seems to have a fear of being in caves and tunnels. Aang aviods the team traveling through tunnels and caves whenever possible. In many episodes, including The Cave of Two Lovers, Appa makes his fear very obvious.


[edit] Friends

As Appa is truly a rather comical character, he has many friends. He often enjoys toying with them, just to see what kind of reaction he can get from them. This is seen very often when messing with Sokka or Momo, the two other "jokesters" of the group.

[edit] Aang

Aang is Appa's best friend, as well as his true companion. When the Air Nomads were still alive and powerful, they had a ritual to pick your pet, and when Aang handed Appa an apple, they became quick friends. Because of this, Appa is also known as the Avatar's Animal Guide, which is the one creature that they take along on their journey to learn the Four Elements from the very beginning.

[edit] Momo

Appa and Momo fighting over a snack

Momo and Appa first met when Team Avatar traveled out to the Southern Air Temple. When Aang allowed Momo to join the group, Appa and Momo had a friendly rivalry going on that continues to the end of the series. This is first truly seen in The Great Divide, when Appa and Momo are fighting over a snack that they both found. Appa, using his giant size, places a finger on the snack while Momo tries to pull it out underneath. Eventually, Momo gives up, but Aang steps in as the mediator and cuts the watermelon into pieces. However, Appa gets the bigger portion, which makes Momo jealous. As Aang points out though, Appa has five stomachs, so it is indeed a "fair share" of food.

[edit] Sokka

As soon as Appa met Sokka (immediately after Aang was freed from the giant glacier by Katara), he quickly showed affection towards him, and Sokka returned it as soon as he began to accept the entire idea of a journey. They were friends throughout their entire journey, which is mainly shown when Sokka "puts Appa in charge" of Momo and Hawky while they're gone, and Sokka responding to some of Appa's actions during this time. They interact often, and it always seems to be in a positive manner when they do. This could be because both of them have remotely similar personalities, even though Appa is much more laid-back than Sokka.

[edit] Zuko

[edit] Katara

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[edit] Skills

AirbendingAppa.png The original Air Nomads learned how to Airbend from the Sky Bisons. As such, Appa is a powerful Airbender, almost considered a master. He has incredible skills. He is able to easily fly, and he does it with quite a large amount of grace and skill. This is evidenced many times, when he easily gets through bombardments from oncoming enemy attacks. He cannot fly for long however, due to his large size.

Every now and then, he assists Aang in his Airbending attacks, sometimes bending with him. The majority of his power comes from his tail and his mouth, and he uses both to bend.

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