'The five avatars before Aang. From left to right; Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen, and an unknown Fire Avatar.'

The Avatar is the human incarnation of the world, represented by a human figure able to master all bending arts. It is the sole mission of the Avatar to reunite the world and establish peace among the Four Nations. Upon the death of an avatar, a new avatar is reborn under the next nation. The cycle is as follows: water, earth, fire, air, just as the seasons are, too. Each bending art is directly affiliated with a season; water with winter, earth with spring, fire with summer and air with autumn. The Avatar is required to master the bending abilities in this order, directly after the element they're born into. This cycle of rebirth can be stopped only if the Avatar is killed during his or her Avatar State.

Being the world's reincarnation, the Avatar has a strong connection with the Spirit World and can use it to embrace the Avatars of old and harness their power to perform abilities otherwise impossible.

[edit] Notable Avatars

  • Korra (Water Tribe, Southern Water Tribe)

154 ASC - Unknown

  • Aang (Air Nomads, Southern Air Temple)

12 BSC - 154 ASC

  • Roku (Fire Nation, Roku's island)

82 BSC - 12 BSC

  • Kyoshi (Earth Kingdom, now Kyoshi Island)

312 BSC - 82 BSC

  • Kuruk (Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe)

Unknown - 312 BSC

  • Yangchen (Air Nomads, Western Air Temple)

Years unknown

  • Unnamed fire Avatar (Fire Nation)

Years unknown

[edit] Simultaneous Bending

'Roku casting all four bending arts at once'

As the Avatar, the user is able to cast more than one bending art at once. Demonstrated by Aang only a few times, his most notable being his battle against Ozai, Fire Nation king at the time. Aang compressed all four elements around himself, making him nearly indestructable and incredibly dangerous.

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