Combustion Man

The Combustion Man was a primary antagonist in Avatar: The Last Airbender following the fall of the Earth Kingdom. Hired by prince Zuko, the "Combustion Man", a name given by Team Avatar for his unique way of firebending, served as a fire-bender assasin who would stop at nothing to get what his task was: the death of the Avatar. Combustion Man has the ability to illuminate a line of fire which detonates an immense amount of fire when coming in contact with something or someone, a power which serves as a deadly weapon during the show. Because of this unique skill, along with his "no questions asked" policy, the Combustion Man soon grew to become a very known and respected assasin in the lands of the Fire Nation.

[edit] Before the Show

As a child Combustion Man was unable to control his odd yet unique way of fire bending and tended to explode unintended targets, leaving him feeling isolated. During one of his accidents, he blew his arm and leg off. Combustion Man later got a prosthetic arm and leg to substitute for his old ones.

[edit] Biography

When visiting the Western Air Temple, Combustion Man tracks Aang down and has him cornered. His beams of destruction have Aang, Katara, Sokka and co. surrounded and incapable of moving. Fortunately, Sokka sums up the wit to angle his boomerang just right in order to strike the tatoo'd eye emitting energy. The strike was so hard that Combustion Man couldn't properly emit his explosion and, instead, blasted himself off the cliff and to his death.

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