Crescent Island

Crescent Island
Crescent Island.png
The Isle in the Fire Nation
Nation Fire
Inhabitants Fire Sages
Avatar Roku (soul)
First Appearance Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World

The Crescent Island is a Fire Nation island that Team Avatar visits on their journey to save the world from the Fire Nation. It is first introduced when a Dragon, Fang (Avatar Roku's Animal Guide), is sent to Aang while he is in the Spirit World. Fang guides Aang to Avatar Roku's soulful resting place, where he is informed that he must get to this area before the Winter Solstice is over.

[edit] Location

As this island is in the Fire Nation, it is under heavy guard by the Fire Nation Soldiers around the clock. It is in the outer-Fire Nation, so getting there is even more difficult. The only ways to get to it are by boat or by flying, which is the path that Team Avatar chose to take.

[edit] Geography

It is known to take about a day to get to Crescent Island from Senlin Village while riding on a Sky Bison.

Crescent Island contains anti-aircraft machinery, as seen when Appa and Team Avatar are trying to get onto the island. It is extremely advanced, but Appa is seen avoiding it easily.

[edit] Fire Temple

Main Article: Fire Temple

The reason that Team Avatar is sent to the Crescent Island by Fang is because Aang is looking for a way to contact Avatar Roku so that he can learn how to truly become The Avatar. In order to do this, Aang was told to go to the Sanctuary in the Temple to meet Roku's spirit.

When Team Avatar arrived, they were greeted by Fire Sages, the guardians of the Fire Temple. However, the Fire Sages had become loyal to Fire Lord Ozai, so they tried to take the Avatar. However, a Fire Sage named Shyu was still loyal to the Avatar, as the rest of the Fire Sages were supposed to be. He assisted Team Avatar in reaching the Sanctuary to speak with Roku.

The Fire Temple was destroyed by Avatar Roku when the Sanctuary was surrounded by Zhao of the Fire Nation, and his entire army, as well as Prince Zuko. Roku took Aang's body as his own, and used his mastery of Airbending to defeat the Fire Nation Soldiers. However, using his power, he also destroyed the Fire Temple.

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