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Learned from Badgermole

Earthbending is one of the four main bending practices. This practice consists of moving and manipulating anything that is made from earth. Humans learned to bend the earth by studying the original Earthbenders, the Badger Moles. Over time, Toph Bei Fong, a powerful Earthbender, was able to manipulate the earth minerals found in metal, creating Metalbending.

[edit] Use

Because Earth is a resilient, abundant material, Earth Benders find themselves at home almost anywhere. Earth Bending typically consists of patience and endurance through attacks until the precise moment occurs in order to counter-attack. Powerful Earth Benders are very different from other nations such as the Fire Nation in the aspect that they do not force attacks, but rather return powerful, unyielding attacks.

[edit] Notable Users

One of the most powerful Earth Bender in the show is Toph Bei Fong, Aang's friend and Earth Bending tutor. Being blind, Toph learned to listen to the earth and manipulate it into her own way of sight. She mastered the feeling of vibration and could see even the slightest of details that seeing people were unable to - allowing her the ultimate vision! This benefit over others supported her skill in bending and she grew into one of the strongest and smartest earth benders the show ever saw.

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