Elephant Koi

Elephant Koi
Elephant koi.JPEG
Species Elephant Koi
Bending None
Habitat Kyoshi Island
Appearance(s): The Warriors of Kyoshi

The elephant koi is a ginormous fish that is native to the Earth Kingdom and is generally found near the Kyoshi Island's bays. These colourful fish are very notable for their massive size and they provide many sources such as blubber, meat and oil making them the Kyoshi Island's main export. People sometimes try to ride the elephant koi, including Aang but it is known to be very difficult to actually get to the elephant koi.


[edit] Biology

[edit] Physiology

Elephant koi swimming.JPEG

The elephant koi is an extremely large aquatic creature that is assumed around the length of forty to fifty feet. They have the common koi features and are coloured pale yellow and orange-red that are in large patches. They're fast and strong swimmers and often leave a current following behind them when swimming.

[edit] Behaviour

Group of Elephant Koi.

The elephant koi is a somewhat calm creature that doesn't show any aggression. They seem to swim in groups (as a group of three elephant koi seen swimming together) due to their habitat range. They can get very distress and frantic, usually around the large predator Unagi.They are capable to jumping in extreme heights due to their size and strength.

[edit] History

In the episode The Warriors of Kyoshi' (Book One: Water) the elephant koi had made their first and so far, only appearance in the entire Avatar series. Avatar Aang made a pitstop on their journey for the elephant koi and he was determined to ride these giant fish and he did successfuly for a short period of time until the Unagi arrived.

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