In the World of Avatar, there is huge amount of animal species which are usually either a chimera or a crossbreed of other animals that we see in the real world. It's very uncommon to find one that is purely one type of animal, although, there are some exceptions such as, the Earth Kings pet bear, Bosco.


[edit] Habbitats

[edit] List of Fauna

[edit] Air Nomads

[edit] Earth Kingdom

[edit] Fire Nation

[edit] Water Tribe

[edit] United Republic of Nations

[edit] Spirit World

[edit] Other

  • Elephant rhino
  • Flying Boar
  • Lion elephant
  • Lion Turtle
  • Mongoose lizard
  • Pheasant squirrel
  • Poodle pony
  • Rhino lion
  • Snail sloth
  • Spider cat
  • Spider Fly
  • Squirrel
  • Two-headed rat viper
  • Walrus Yak
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