Nationality Fire Nation
Age 64
Enemies Ozai, Azula, Zhao, Dai Li, Rough Rhinos
Skills Firebending
Profession Teashop owner, Grand Master of Order of the White Lotus, Fire Nation Traitor
First Appearance The Boy In The Iceberg


[edit] Biography

Iroh as seen during Avatar: The Last Airbender.

[edit] Book One: Water

[edit] Book Two: Earth

[edit] Book Three: Fire

[edit] Personality

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[edit] Zuko

[edit] Order of the White Lotus

[edit] Skills

IrohFireBending.png Iroh is described as one of the most powerful Fire Benders of the world, if not the most powerful. Iroh, in the case of Aang failing to defeat Ozai, would be the only other person in the world who could match his power. Iroh, along with only a couple others in the world, based his fire bending powers on that of Dragons and not based off of anger. Because of this, Iroh could fire bend in peace and happiness unlike much of the remainding Fire Nation.

Fire Breath
Dragon of the West.gif Given the nickname, "Dragon of the West" because of this unique skill, Iroh is the only known Fire Bender to have mastered fire bending via the mouth and not limbs. Iroh uses this skill against Dai Li in order to give him and Zuko enough time to escape.

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