Jet (Episode)

If you're looking for Jet the character, go here.

Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 10
Episode No. (Series) 10
Main Characters
Original Air Date 6th May, 2005
Previous Episode The Waterbending Scroll
Next Episode The Great Divide

Jet is the tenth episode in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the tenth episode in the overall series. The group (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa and Momo) accidently walk into a camp of the Fire Nation with many Fire Nation soilders, they were then rescued by a group of kids called the Freedom Fighters. Jet, is the leader and impresses the group with his ways, epsecially his bravery of leading the group to help stop the Fire Nation. However, Jet's plan get out of hand putting innocents lives at risk.

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