Nationality Southern Water Tribe
Skills Waterbending, Bloodbending, Healing
Relatives Aang (Friend/Husband)
Sokka (Brother)
Hakoda (Father)
Profession Waterbending Instructor
First appearance The Boy in the Iceberg

Katara was best friend and future wife of Aang, the Avatar in season one. Katara acted as both a water teacher, friend, guide and love to Aang, and contributed immensely to his journey of unifying the world. Born in the Southern Water Tribe, Katara lost her mother to the Fire Nation and has grown a burning hatred for them ever since.


[edit] History

[edit] Childhood

[edit] Book One: Water

[edit] Book Two: Earth

[edit] Book Three: Fire

[edit] After the Hundred year war

[edit] Book One: Air

[edit] Friends

[edit] Aang

Aang and Katara met through the first episode when Katara and Sokka find Aang frozen in an iceberg. Immediately Katara's kind heart touches Aang and saves him from Sokka's otherwise cold one. Katara, undergoing water training, agrees to travel with Aang if it means she has the ability to become the water bender she has always wanted to be. Katara and Aang's relationship slowly rises into a more intense, romantic one. The two tend to push their feelings aside to make room for the salvation of the world, but near to the end of the series Aang lets Katara know how she feels through a kiss which he surprisingly plants upon her, leaving her blushing.

[edit] Toph

Katara and Toph's relationship grew hostile during the early stages of Toph's entrance into the group. Toph's nature of being dirty and gross gets to Katara's nerves, as Katara is like the group's mother and tends to them as such. Katara doesn't understand why Toph only carries her own weight, while Toph sees it as a perfectly sane and reasonable thing to do, especially since the others aren't carrying their own weight. Katara soon realizes the youth in Toph and just how important she is, and through tender care and love she pulls Toph into a very close relationship often portrayed as a mother and daughter would have. Toph's absence of the family she want could be related to her labeling Katara a mother.

[edit] Skills

WaterbendingKatara.png Katara is a born Waterbender. She was raised in the Southern Water Tribe, and was the only Waterbender of the group, which gave her trouble, as she was not able to learn and master her skills.

When she first discovered that Aang was The Avatar, the two of them decided to travel to the North Pole to find a Waterbending Master in the Northern Water Tribe. There, they found Master Pakku, and both of them studied under him. When Pakku deemed Katara a Waterbending Master, she went on to teach Aang Waterbending.

HealingKatara.png Katara learned how to heal...however, it was not exactly by choice. She first discovered this untouched ability when Aang was trying to learn Firebending early, and burned her hands. She used this power very often to heal both herself and others, including random people who had just been injured badly.

She mastered this ability by training under Yagoda. A small vial was given to her from the Spirit Oasis that was filled with special properties, giving powerful healing water.

Bloodbending.jpg When Katara reached the Fire Nation with Aang and company, she met Hama, an old Southern Water Tribe Waterbender who was captured by the Fire Nation. While in prison, Hama slowly taught herself how to manipulate the fluid inside the human body, allowing her complete control over her subject. Hama practiced this skill on prison-rats, but she slowly made her progress until she finally manipulated the guards into freeing herself. When Hama sees the potential in Katara (and her withering age), Hama sees this as an oppurtunity to pass down the skill.

When Katara rejects this offer in fear, she explains that this is a horrific and homicidal way of bending water. Hama tries to make Katara bloodbend by making Aang and Sokka fight eachother. Just before the two unwillingly almost kill themselves, Katara bloodbends and stops Hama.

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