Knowledge Seekers


Knowledge Seekers

Knowledge seeker.jpg
Nationality Spirit
Age Ancient
Allies Wan Shi Tong, Sokka
Profession Librarian
Position Knowledge spirit, Librarian, Wan Shi Tong's assistants
Appearance(s): The Library

The Knowledge Seekers are small, fox-like spirits who assist Wan Shi Tong, the Knowledge Spirit where they all work at the spirit library which, was located in the Si Wong Desert for an extremely long period of time. They travel(ed) the world in search of books and parchments which all contribute to Wan Shi Tong's "collection of knowledge". They also help library vistors and often offer to their assistance and sometimes, expect something in return such as a treat or a praise.


[edit] Biology

[edit] Physiology

Knowledger Seeker trying to get Team Avatar's attention

The knowledge seekers are spirits that take on the appearance of an ordinary fox. Their fur colour is mostly light brown but their muzzle, paws and underbelly area are all generally cream-coloured. These spirits are able to scale up walls with ease.

[edit] Behaviour

The knowledge seekers are very intelligent spirits, whom are very loyal to Wan Shi Tong and are seemily people who visit the library. They behave very much like a friendly dog and often expect an award after assisting a vistor, to show this they will beg for praise or treats. The Knowledge Seekers' seem to be able to understand human speech and one in particular, took a liking to Sokka despite the fact that Wan Shi Tong doesn't like humans very much.

[edit] History

[edit] The Library

During this episode, Team Avatar (Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph) all meet Professor Zei who they all begin to talk about Wan Shi Tong's Library and he then refers them as "foxy knowledge seekers", Sokka, who misinterpret the phrase and was seemily interest until he was corrected as they actually look like foxes.

Knowledge Seeker scaling a wall
Knowledge Seeker sorting books

When they all search for the ancient library in Si Wong Desert the spot a Knowledge Seeker who appeared up from a sand dune with a a scroll in its mouth. It then ran to a tower-like building and scaled up the wall of it effortlessly, then jumped through the window. The team then realised that the building that the Knowledge Seeker entered was the spirit library which, was mostly underground.

Later on, the team (excluding Toph and Appa) were searching around in the library with the Knowledge Spirit nearby sorting out books. Sokka then comes across a piece of paper that mentioned "The Darkest Day in Fire Nation History", one of the Knowledge Seekers insist the team to follow it and then led them to a massive room with an ancient mechanical calendar and tries demonstrated how it works. Katara suggest putting the date from the piece of paper and Sokka silents her as he doesn't trust the Knowledge Spirit saying, "not in front of the fox, he's with the owl." The fox-like spirit then holds his head in shame. After putting the date in, the team realise a solar eclipse is the reasoning to "the darkest day" in Fire Nation history. The Knowledge Seeker approaches Sokka and begs, in hope it will get a treat in return for helping him.

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