Toph Metalbending
Source Purified Earth
Learned from Toph Beifong

Metalbending is a special ability possessed by Earthbenders. This skill allows earthbenders to physically bend metal themselves with a very similar technique as earthbending. This sub-skill was discovered by the young and blind earthbender, Toph Beifong who managed to pull a small exit out of a metal cage that Xin Fu and Master Yu trapped her in.

Metalbending isn't effective on metal that is highly purified. Guru Pathik explained to Avatar Aang that metal is just Earth that has been purified and refined. Toph was able to sense the presence of the earth contained in the cage that trapped her because of her ability to use earthbending to "see" and then simply used earthbending on as much unpurified earth as she possibly can. Later on she became very skilled in the art of metalbending.

More metalbenders had been featured in Avatar: The Legend of Korra as Toph opened a metalbending school to pass down the skill to other eager earthbenders. Metalbending is a skill possessed by members of the Police Force of Republic City.

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