Race Flying Lemur
Occupation Aang's pet
Nation Air Nomads
Friends Aang (owner), Appa, Sokka, Katara, Zuko

Momo is a flying lemur who was one of Avatar Aang's loyal pets, the other being Appa the sky bison. It is believed he was the only flying lemur who survived during the Air Nomad Genocide, which was an attack massive attack to kill all the Air Nomads. He lived and was found at the Southern Air Temple by Aang, Katara and Sokka. Often, Momo didn't show any understanding of human speech but he typically understands their emotions.

As being a flying lemur, he was very intellegent and curious. He enjoyed eating food, such as fruit and often fought over food with Sokka. He behaved more like a cat, or another type of feline rather than a lemur.

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