Order of the White Lotus

Order of the White Lotus
White Lotus Tile.gif
The White Lotus Tile
Members Iroh, King Bumi, Master Jeong Jeong, Master Pakku, Master Piandao, Fung
Affiliation Neutral

The Order of the White Lotus is a secret society composed of highly skilled benders throughout all four nations. The group was formed on the purpose of spreading knowledge regardless of territory or nation, along with discussing beauty, truth and philosophy.

The group initially was started as a way of playing Pai Sho, a strategic table game. Members of the club used their strategic play of using the white lotus tile as a way of coming up with the group's name, Order of the White Lotus. Members use a specific pattern of the tile to secretly communicate with other members.

The Order of the White Lotus becomes a vital group in the war, as they support the Avatar and his cause.

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