Out of the Past

Out of the Past
Out of the Past.png
episode nine
Book Air
Episode No. (Season) 9
Episode No. (Series) 9
Locations Republic City
Air Temple Island
Republic City Bending Arena
Main Characters Korra
Nation Water
Air Date May 5, 2012

Out of the past - Korra attempts to understand her cryptic visions, while Tenzin and Beifong lead a search for Equalists hostages.

Out of the Past is the ninth episode of The Legend of Korra.

[edit] Synopsis

Tarrlok blood bends Korra and keeps her hostage far from Republic City where he hopes no one will find her. 

Tenzin gets a call early in the morning regarding the damage done at Tarrlok's house. Tarrlok tells the police that Equalists arrived during her visit and took Korra, lying about the truth. He falsely plants evidence to support his lies. 

Beifong busts Asami out of jail and then releases Mako and Bolin. Beifong urges the others to help her find Korra, who she suspects was taken by Tarrlok. 

While kept hostage, Korra recalls the moment when Tenzin suggests she meditates to see Aang. She sees a vision in which Aang is talking to Toph about an old criminal of Republic City. Korra is surprised that she was able to call on her past lives and continues meditating. 

Beifong and the others talk to Tenzin and conclude that Korra is most likely under ground where the Equalists tend to reside. Beifong uses her sensory earth bending to locate a tunnel belonging to the Equalists. 

Mako's eagerness at finding out where Korra is

Asami  notices that Mako cares deeply for Korra's disappearance and asks Bolin if he knows anything. Bolin releases his knowledge that during the tournament Korra and mako kissed, clearly upsetting Asami. 

Lin Beifong discovers some of her older recruits but arrives late and notices their bending gone. Mako interrogates a soldier who swears they didn't attack city hall. Tenzin realizes that Tarrlok fooled them and that he was the one who took Korra. 

Still meditating, Yakone, the criminal Aang and Toph earlier arrested, is being put on trial for being a blood bender. Sokka, a trial member, sentences Yakone to life in prison before he blood bends those in the court room from stopping him from leaving. 

Tarrlok bloodbends the other council members and escapes

Tenzin confronts Tarrlok for planting the evidence. A city hall worker testifies to Tenzin that Tarrlok is a blood bender and that he has Korra. Tarrlok blood bends Tenzin, Beifong and the others and escapes. 

Tenzin and the others follow Tarrlok's trail. 

The vision continues and Toph, being blood bended, forces those in the room to free him. Yakone tells Aang that republic city is his before he leaves. Aang triggers his Avatar State and catches up to Yakone. Yakone blood bends him but Aang's avatar state over powers him before Aang strips Yakone of his bending for good. Korra realizes that she was being warned about Tarrlok. Korra realizes that he is Yakone's son. 

Tarrlok confides that he was going to be the city's hero rather than the evil mastermind his father was. When Tarrlok goes upstairs, he finds Amon, who tells him, "it's time to get equalized." Amon takes Tarrlok's bending for good. 

Korra evades being electrocuted and escapes the Equalists. She faces Amon but is compelled to escape. She trips while water bending down a hill and Naga finds her. Naga brings Korra back to Republic City and howls for Tenzin and Beifong. 

Mako carries Korra to safety as a worried Asami stands by. 

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