Nationality Fire Nation
Age Died at the age of 70.(82 BSC - 12 BSC)
Gender Male
First Appearance Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku

Avatar Roku is the direct successor to the previous Avatar, Kyoshi and the predecessor before Aang. He was born in the Fire Nation. Him and his animal guide, Fang often appeared as spirits to help Aang through out the series. At the age of twenty-eight, Roku mastered each element, only having trouble with waterbending as it was his 'natural opposite', like with Aang how he had trouble with earthbending and Avatar Korra with airbending. Not only he mastered all the elements but he also mastered the Avatar State.

He died with Fang at Roku's island when trying to stop a power volcanic eruption which risked so many people's lives. Roku inhaled toxic fumes which not even the avatar could handle, Sozin left him there to die.

[edit] Animal Guide

Fang in the spirit world

Roku's animal guide was Fang, a red dragon which he raised himself. He found Fang before he was hatched, and took him to look after the dragon egg himself. The two were both really close and Roku used him as a mode of transport. When Roku was trying to stop a volcanic eruption Fang tried to assist him, Roku told Fang to leave. Fang remained loyal and stayed with Roku, when his friend inhaled toxic fumes, Fang curled up with him and they died together.

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