Sokka, the Warrior
Skills Swordsmanship
Nation Water Tribe (southern)
Family Katara (sister)
Hakoda (father)

Sokka is a young warrior during the time-period of the television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. He was born to the Southern Water Tribe, a sub-group of the Water Nation, where he was raised by his father to lead the warriors in his clan. He joined the Avatar on his journey to stop the Fire Nation and avenge his mother's death, and the trouble that they gave his clan.


[edit] Friends

Throughout his life and journey, Sokka made many friends. However, his bond is greatest with his companions, those that he named Team Avatar. He also has a strong bond with the Southern Water Tribe, where he grew up.

[edit] Katara

Sokka shares a sibling bond with his younger sister, Katara. They are always there for each other, even if they do constantly bicker between themselves. The two of them always work together, despite their differences. The sibling rivalry is just a petty thing between the two of them when it comes to them actually working together.

[edit] Aang

Aang and Sokka first met each other after Katara and her brother freed the young Air Nomad from the iceberg in the South Pole. While they were traveling to defeat the Fire Nation, Sokka and Aang became close friends. The two of them do not have very much in common, but they do work together for a common goal of peace and harmony around the world. As such, they've grown to like each other, even though their relationship started off a bit rough.

[edit] Skills

SwordsmanSokka.png Sokka's first real formal training was in the way of the sword. When he started to feel like an outcast from the rest of the group, he decided to take up the sword under a Fire Nation master, Piandao. He learned quickly, as he was able to defeat Piandao's assistant, Fat, in a matter of days. His sword that he forged under the direction of the master came from meteor iron, and is called Sokka's Sword.

MappingSokka.png Sokka's inept geographical knowledge gave him the skills of a great cartographer. He often collected, read, and even created maps for Team Avatar to use during their travels. The maps that he gathers allow the team to find their destination very easily. However, before he is trained in Swordsmanship, this and his skills in strategy are the only things he is credited for by Katara.

Warrior Techniques
BoomerangSokka.png Underneath his father, Sokka was taught how to be a warrior as a young child. He has always had his father's boomerang as his trademark weapon, but he was able to easily create other weapons with virtually anything, including his fake Firebending bags that he used inside the Fire Temple to blow open the Sanctuary. He is trained to assist the Water Tribe soldiers that guard the entire Tribe - both north and south.

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