Nationality Air Nomads / Southern Water Tribe
Skills Airbending
Relatives Pema (Wife)
Jinora (Daughter)
Ikki (Daughter)
Meelo (Son)
Aang (Father)
Katara (Mother)
Sokka (Uncle)
Profession Airbending Instructor
First Appearance The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

Tenzin is the youngest son of Aang the Avatar and Katara. Very little is known about him currently, other than that he is an airbender.

He is a character due to appear in the new series, The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra.

[edit] Background

It is unknown the exact year of Tenzin's birth, but he was born after the War to Aang and Katara, being the youngest of their three children. During his life, while Aang was alive, he was taught the art of airbending. Due to the circumstances of his birth he is the last known airbending master after the death of his father and as such the new Avatar, Korra, is seeking Tenzin in pursuit of learning her final element - Air.

During his life he married Pema and then going onto having three children with her; two daughters, Jinora and Ikki, and one son, Meelo. They are currently expecting a fourth child. They live in a secluded part of the world called Air Temple Island, being described as a 'sanctuary'.

[edit] Family

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