The Avatar Returns

The Avatar Returns
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Aang entering Avatar State.
Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 2
Episode No. (Series) 2
Locations South Pole
Main Characters
Nation Water
Previous Episode The Boy in the Iceberg
Next Episode The Southern Air Temple

The Avatar Returns is the second episode in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the second episode in the overall series. After Aang was banished from the small Water Tribe villager for setting off an old Fire Nation trap, he had to return not long after once Prince Zuko and crew invaded the village in search of the Avatar. Instead of fighting and risking others lives he turned himself in. Leaving it up for Katara and Sokka to rescue him.

[edit] Synopsis

When Aang and Katara were exploring an old and abandoned Fire Nation ship, they both discovered that Aang has been trapped in the ice berg for 100 years. They both decided to leave the ship then, Aang accidently triggered a trap which, was set there to alert the Fire Nation members of anyone who entered the ship. The ship let out a beam of light directly up towards the sky which, attracted the attention of Prince Zuko.

Aang and Katara returning to the angered tribe.

When Aang and Katara returned to the village, they found out that all the villagers had spotted the beam of light. Gran Gran scold Katara, telling her she should know better to not go onto the old Fire Nation ship which, haunted their tribe for years. Sokka and other members of the tribe were furious and Sokka declared that Aang was banished. Aang respected their wishes and Katara who was enraged, tried to leave too until she was convinced to stay with her family.

Aang took off with his sky bison, Appa to the Air Temples. Sokka immediately gets the young children, warriors prepared for battle then he readies himself. After the finishing touches of putting on his grey, black and white war paint, Sokka stands on the snow barrier that surrounds their village. Meanwhile, Prince Zuko prepares himself for battle with the Avatar by putting armored gear on.

Sokka readies himself for the Fire Nation.

While Aang and Appa were resting, Aang spotted a Fire Nation ship heading towards the village. He told Appa to stay where he is while he went back to the village to defend the village people.

When the villagers sighted the ship, mostly everyone headed inside of their hutts. The ship slowly stops but smashing much of the village, including the snow barrier that Sokka was standing on. Prince Zuko and his crew come out of the ship knocking Sokka out of their way when he tried to attack. The villagers crowded together, Zuko demanded them to show him where the Avatar was hiding. No one had any idea he was talking about Aang since he never told them he was the Avatar. Zuko grabs Gran Gran and tells them he should be around her age, he still doesn't get a response then, shoves Gran Gran back to the villagers. Sokka attempts to attack again and failed, until he threw his boomerang which, hit Zuko at the back of his head when it returned back to Sokka's direction.

Arriving on an Otter Penguin was Aang, just in time to stop Zuko using firebending on the tribe by knocking him down. Zuko was bewildered that the anient, powerful Avatar was just a child. Zuko waste no time and attempts to attack Aang with firebending, Aang aviods and evades by using his airbending. The entire tribe were shocked by Aang's true identity since, he never told them he was the Avatar. Aang noticed that Zuko is causing harm to the tribe and makes a deal with Zuko which was, if Aang turns himself in Zuko has to leave the tribe alone. Zuko agreed, took the Avatar and headed back to his ship.

Sokka and Katara both decide to head after the ship in the attempt rescue of Aang. Gran Gran provides them some supplies and wishes them luck. First they were going to use a canoe until they figured out that it would be too slow. Appa, appeared, giving them transport.

Aang and the two guards.

Meanwhile, on Zuko's ship, the guards are taking Aang to a room, assuming it's a cell for prisoners. Zuko gave his uncle, Iroh, Aang's glider to place it in his personal quarters. Iroh passes the job onto the next closest guard, making it sound it as a favour for him. Aang's hands were tied behind his back and there were two gaurds taking him to his cell, one guard in front and one behind him. Aang pretends he is about to sneeze then lets out a powerful blow of air which, sends the guard in front flying fowards and hitting a wall, and himself and the other guard back through the hallway. Aang escapes from the pair and tries to find his glider.

While Appa was swimming through the water, Sokka was criticising on the fact the flying bison cannot fly, Katara asks Appa to fly and she believes that he can. Sokka starts saying random commands to make Appa fly which, worked when he said 'Yip-yip'. Sokka was surprised and excited which, was the complete opposite mood that he was previously. Katara gives him a smug look then Sokka calms down a bit.

Aang races down the hallway of the ship, managing to get his hands free from being tied up by jumping over a helmet and cutting the rope. Aang opens many doors in search of his glider, finally finding the right room he approaches it and Zuko, who was waiting in that room, closes the door. Zuko then sends many blast of fire at Aang which, Aang aviods. Then Aang sends small gust of air at Zuko sending him up hitting the ceiling and falling back down to the ground. Aang manages to make an escape then goes to the bridge of the ship and jumps out the window using his glider. Zuko grabs Aang by the ankle which, interrupts the flying and making them both falling to the ground.

Both were about to combact again until the occurance of Appa, Sokka and Katara. Zuko immediately sends out blast of fire which, knocks Aang overboard. Aang sinks and appears to be unconscious then his eyes and tattos begin to glow, this is a sign of Aang going into Avatar State. He then waterbends, pulling himself up, out of the water. All witnesses are shocked of the sight of Aang's powerful waterbending skills. Aang sends a powerful blast of water at the Fire Nation people knocking them overboard but Zuko manages to cling on to the side of the ship.

Aang slowly lands back on the ship and collapses. Katara quickly aids him while Sokka quickly runs over to recieve Aang's glider, not expecting to see Zuko climbing up, Sokka quickly strikes Zuko numerous of times until he falls once again. Katara takes on a few guards using her waterbending skills however, her first attempt failed and she froze Sokka's feet. Her second attempt turned out more successful.

Iroh arrives when Appa is flying away with the three, and helps Zuko up. They both send blast of fire at the flying bison, Aang sends a blast of air back at their blast of fire which, hits a nearby cliff causing an avalanche to fall upon the ship. Zuko was full of rage that he let the Avatar escape, and said that he will never underestimate the Avatar ever again.

While Appa was flying, Katara asked Aang about his powerful waterbending in full excitement but Aang has no idea how he did it. Becoming more serious, Katara asked Aang why he never told them he was the Avatar, Aang tells her he never wanted to be the Avatar. Katara then reminds Aang that he must fulfill his role as the Avatar and save the world from the crisis that it was currently in. She then mentioned that they could find a Waterbending teacher at the North Pole, Aang brightend up as he would like it if they learned waterbending together. Sokka agrees to tag along with the two saying that he would enjoy defeating many Fire Nation members. And the three, started a long, brave journey all togther.

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