The Awakening

The Awakening
Book Fire
Episode No. (Season) 1
Episode No. (Series) 41
Locations Fire Nation Warship
Fire Nation Palace
Crescent Island
Main Characters Aang
Nation Fire
Previous Episode The Crossroads of Destiny
Next Episode The Headband

The Awakening is the first episode in the final season, Book Three: Fire. It introduces the aftermath of the fall of Ba Sing Se, ranging from how Aang's recovery was coming along after the seemingly fatal blow dealt by Azula, to Zuko now that Fire Lord Ozai has restored his title as Fire Nation Prince.

[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Waking Up in a Changed World

Aang opens his eyes aboard a Fire Nation Warship, dumbfounded at the Fire Nation banners ornamenting the walls of his room. He logically believes he must have been captured and wastes no time to escape. On his way out he stumbles into a disguised The Duke and Pipsqueak, two prominent members of the rag tag Freedom Fighters that were introduced in the tenth episode of the first season. Making his way out onto the deck of the ship he finds a number of friendly faces in Fire Nation attire, and a bewildered Aang faints.

The screen cuts to black and reopens with Mai approaching a troubled Zuko under the moonlight. Zuko is struggling with how he feels about his ascension to Fire Nation Prince after being away from home for so long, and Mai attempts to console him with kind words and a kiss. While Katara is healing Aang, he thinks back on his battle in Ba Sing Se and doesn't understand how he is still alive after Azura attacked him in the Avatar State. Revealing that she used the Spirit Water from the Northern Water Tribe, Aang thanks her for saving him.

As they step back out onto the deck Sokka gives a quick summary of the general events that have happened since Aang has been recovering, with Hakoda adding in that even though Ba Sing Se has fallen, they still plan on executing their Fire Nation invasion plan on the Day of Black Sun. Sokka gives the status of the Earth King and his pet bear, Bosco, mentioning that they opted to roam the world in disguise, discovering for themselves what all is out there. The next bit that Sokka reveals delivers a devastating blow to Aang, that the whole world believes he is dead. As Sokka explains how it is a huge advantage as an ace in the hole for the upcoming invasion, Aang believes that he has failed in his role as the Avatar, and in doing so has failed to keep hope alive for the rest of the world.

A scene shows the ceremonious announcement for the fall of Ba Sing Se to the rest of the Fire Nation, showing the Dai Li bring down a small portion of the great wall to allow Fire Nation Tanks to roll on through to the city. With the Earth Nation capital now in Fire Nation hands, there is seemingly little resistance left, and the Fire Nation citizens and armies welcome this news and the return of Azula and Zuko, the heroes of the conquering.

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