The Boy in the Iceberg

The Boy In The Iceberg
Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 1
Episode No. (Series) 1
Locations South Pole
Abandoned Fire Nation Warship
Main Characters Aang
Nation Southern Water Tribe
Next Episode The Avatar Returns

The Boy In The Iceberg is the first episode in the series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. It features two members of the Water Tribe, a young Waterbending girl, Katara, and a young warrior named Sokka, finding a young Air Nomad named Aang, who has been frozen in an iceberg for the last one-hundred years.

[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Releasing the Boy

A pair of siblings, Sokka and Katara, are out fishing to find food for the Southern Water Tribe. During this time, Katara begins showing off with her Waterbending by catching a fish inside a Water Bubble, disregarding Sokka attempting to spear a fish. This (as well as Sokka's crude remark towards Bending) causes the two of them to enter a giant feud, and in the midst of her rage, Katara uses her Waterbending to accidentally crack open a giant iceberg that was behind her.

When the iceberg opens, a large pillar of light shines in the sky, appearing seemingly out of nowhere. However, a Fire Nation Warship commandeered by Prince Zuko is navigating the waters of the South Pole at the time. When he sees the light, his words state that he has found him. He has found the Avatar. Under his order, the entire ship goes towards the light.

Still taken aback, Katara finds a boy in the iceberg, who looks about her age with arrows tattooed all over his body. Sokka acts suspicious, and pokes around at the boy with his spear until Katara tells him to leave him alone. The boy awakes, and he seems to have not noticed anything. He is instantly entranced by Katara, who he asks to go Penguin Sledding with. He then fools around with Airbending for a little bit, and introduces himself as Aang.

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