The Deserter

The Deserter
Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 16
Episode No. (Series) 16

Northwestern area of the Earth Kingdom.

Main Characters
Original Air Date 21st October, 2005
Previous Episode Bato of the Water Tribe
Next Episode The Northern Air Temple

The Deserter is the sixteenth episode in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the sixteenth episode in the overall series. The team meets Jeong Jeong after Aang accidently blew his cover in a festival. Jeong Jeong is a firebending master who rejected the Fire Nation. In the beginning, Jeong Jeong wasn't going to teach Aang firebending until Avataur Roku contacted him in a vision causing him to change his mind and teach Aang. Unfortunately, Aang accidently burns Katara after being too careless, he then vows never to firebend ever again. Luckily for Katara, she discovered her healing talent. Later on in the episode, Admiral Zhao eventually tracked down Aang who will have to defeat him.

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