The Firebending Masters

The Firebending Masters
Book Fire
Episode No. (Season) 13
Episode No. (Series) 53
Main Characters
Original Air Date January 4, 2008 - US: July 15, 2008
Previous Episode The Western Air Temple
Next Episode The Boiling Rock, Part 1

The Firebending Masters is the thirteenth episode in Book Three: Fire of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the fifty-third episode in the overall series. Aang begins his firebending lessons but Zuko discovers that "he lost his bending". They decided to visit the temples of the Sun Warriors, to learn the ancient ways of firebending. To their surprise, the ancient civilization is still active and they allow the pair to meet the Firebending Masters but, with a warning that Zuko and Aang may not be accepted and perhaps, attacked.

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