The Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition
The Spirit of Competition.png
Bolin attempting to clear the conflicting feelings of love interest between the team.
Book Air
Episode No. (Season) 5
Episode No. (Series) 5
Locations Republic City
Air Temple Island
Republic City Bending Arena
Main Characters Korra
Nation Water
Air Date May 5, 2012

The Spirit of Competition is the fifth episode of Book One: Air of The Legend of Korra. Korra struggles between newly founded love and her pro-bending team.

Korra and her pro-bending teammates struggle to work together after romantic rivalries shake their foundation.

[edit] Synopsis

Korra, Bolin and Mako practice pro-bending in the gym for the first tournament match later that day. After a group huddle, Asami enters with new uniforms displaying the logo of Future Industries. Mako and her flirt before departing for their lunch plans. Bolin attempts to make a move on Korra now that they are alone in the gym, but is unaware for her love towards his brother, Mako. Korra nervously tells him that she has to practice with Tenzin and that she has no time to spend with him.

Later that night, Bolin refuses to accept his loss and confronts his brother, Mako, about his desire to ask Korra out. Mako pleads to refrain from asking a teammate out and that he needs to stay focused rather than, "in the clouds." Mako doesn't take his words to account and instead refuses to stop trying. Meanwhile, Korra is on Air Temple Island asking Jinora, Ikki, and Pema for help in regards to her romance-troubles.

After easily defeating the Red Sand Rabaroos, Korra confesses her love in Mako. Mako tells her that his feelings are different and that he is with Asami, who he loves. Asami makes an entrance, unaware of the atmosphere, and hugs Mako for his victory and their movement to the semi-finals. Bolin asks Korra out on a date who initially rejects him but then accepts in need of fun. Korra's decision to go out with Bolin annoys Mako.

The two go out to Narook's Seaweed Noodlery where Korra admits to having fun. Tahno, the Wolfbats waterbender, glares at Korra from another table and then makes his way to her table. Bolin pleads with Korra to leave him alone. Tahno provokes Korra into a fight in hopes to get her to hit him outside of the tournament, resulting in automatic disqualification. Instead, Korra whistles to Naga who scares Tahno into leaving. Bolin claims that Korra is, "one of a kind," before they participate in a burping contest much to their delight.

Korra makes her way to the Pro-bending Arena entrance when Mako asks her what games she's playing with his little brother. Korra accuses him of liking her and of being jealousy of his brother who got to go out with her. Mako calls her crazy while she claims he's a liar, disturbing the team's companionship. They enter the arena for their quarterfinals.

During the quarter finals, Korra and Mako make very clear mistakes in their tactics. Only Bolin appears to be competing on par with his original skill while the other two have lost trust in one another and are instead attempting to fight alone. Round three becomes a tie breaker and the Fire Ferrets win the toss. Despite Mako's tendency to compete in the tie-breakers, Bolin claims that his head isn't in the game and chooses earth. Bolin wins the tie-breaker and, in doing so, the quarterfinal match.

Mako and Korra confront eachother about their conflicting feelings.

After the match, Mako confronts Korra about his conflicted feelings over Asami and Korra. Bolin appears with flowers and witnesses Korra kissing Mako. Mako blaims Korra for doing this.

In the morning, Mako finds Bolin at the noodlery, clearly upset by the scene the night before. Bolin points his finger and calls Mako a traitor while Mako carries him out of the shop.

Korra knocks out the entire opposing team despite being outnumbered.

In preparation for the match, the three clearly feel uncomfortable with what happened the night before. The Fire Ferrets are up against the Buzzard Wasps in the semi-finals. The Buzzard Wasps take an early advantage while the Fire Ferrets play out of synch. Mako plunges into the pool, followed shortly by the bell. Mako accidentally hits Bolin, who is then hit by the Wasps and plunges into the pool. Korra is fanned with a yellow card and they move on to round three, two rounds behind. The Fire Ferrets' only chance of victory is via a knockout. Korra feels optimistic unlike her two partners who feel conflicted with what happened outside of the match. Mako and Bolin are both knocked out into the pool, leaving only Korra. Korra strategically aligns the Wasps in a line and knocks them all out with a single stroke. The Fire Ferrets win and pull ahead to the finals. Mako and Bolin both thanks Korra who hopes they can still remain friends.

The White Falls Wolfbats enter for their match which they win hastily. Korra is healing Bolin and tells him that he is one-of-a-kind and that she had fun despite lacking feelings for him. The Fire Ferrets make up before witnessing the brutally defeated team that the Wolfbats take victory over.

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