The Storm

The Storm
Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 12
Episode No. (Series) 12

Nearby a small village within the Earth Kingdom Prince Zuko's Ship

Main Characters
Original Air Date 3rd June, 2005
Previous Episode The Great Divide
Next Episode The Blue Spirit

The Storm is the twelfth episode in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the twelfth episode in the overall series. The team arrive in a small village where Sokka accepts a job from an old fisherman who, seemily dislikes Aang after his disappearance for one hundred years. Aang speaks of his past to Katara and Iroh, talks to Zuko's crew about his nephew's cruel past. Aang and Katara then realise that Sokka and the old fisherman are in great danger as a storm is coming up.

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