The Warriors of Kyoshi

The Warriors of Kyoshi
Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 4
Episode No. (Series) 4
Locations Kyoshi Island
Main Characters
Previous Episode The Southern Air Temple
Next Episode The King of Omashu

The Warriors of Kyoshi is the fourth episode in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the fourth episode in the overall series. The team head to Kyoshi Island so Aang can ride the giant Koi fish, the villagers become aware of the Avatar's presences and celebrates and, the word spreads fast reaching to Prince Zuko. Putting the village in danger, leaving it up to the team and the Kyoshi Warriors to save the village.

[edit] Synopsis

The beginning scene of the episode is at Prince Zuko's Ship where the Prince himself, is meditating. His Uncle, Iroh walks in knowing he isn't suppose to interrupt unless if it's news of the Avatar. Worried that his nephew is reluctant to hear the news, Prince Zuko reminds him that he can control his temper and Iroh informs Zuko that the crew have absolutely no idea where the Avatar is making the Prince extremely furious. He then gets out a map, which pin-points each of the apparent sightings of the Avatar and Prince Zuko states that Aang is, "obviously a master of evasive maneuvering".

Meanwhile, the team are riding on Appa and Sokka is observing a map and ironically, comments on his terrible navigation skills. Aang tries to get Katara's attention to show her his new airbending trick by spinning a small marble in mid-air, however, she is too busy concentrating in sewing Sokka's pants. Aang then gets disappointed and Sokka makes a comment that comes across sexist and Katara throws his pants (which, hasn't been completely repaired) back to him. Sokka tries to take back his comment and tells Katara he can't wear pants with a hole in them.
Aang's airbending trick.

They then land on a small Earth Kingdom Island, Kyoshi Island. Sokka reminds Aang that they already took too many pitstops and slows them down to reach the North Pole and Katara agrees. Aang claims that Appa is tired, he then nudges Appa to make out as if he is tired. Suddenly, a large fish leaps from the water and Aang, announces the fish is the reason why they landed; he then takes off his shirt and pants and dives into the water.

Once he manages to ride the large fish, he tries to show off to Katara but she then gets distracted. Suddenly, something puts off the Elephant Koi and they panic, throw Aang off, leaving him in the water. He was then chased by a massive eel-like creature, the Unagi but safely reached to shore. Once he reached there, he changes back into his attire. Suddenly, the group is ambushed by a group of warriors and were then taken to a village, tied to a pole. Sokka demands for them to reveal themselves, which they do, the team discovers that the group of ambushers are an all female group. Upon of the discovery, Sokka makes a sexist comment which angers the leader of the group, who threatens to throw them in with the Unagi but Katara obstructs the threat, by saying that Sokka often makes comments as such.

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