The Waterbending Scroll

The Waterbending Scroll
Book Water
Episode No. (Season) 9
Episode No. (Series) 9
Main Characters
Original Air Date 29th April, 2005
Previous Episode Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku
Next Episode Jet

The Waterbending Scroll is the ninth episode in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the ninth episode in the overall series. Katara begins to get frustrated of the fact that Aang is learning waterbending too fast and mastering the moves before her. The group then visit a small town in the Earth Kingdom and come across a pirate's boutique where Katara finds a Waterbending scroll and steals it without Sokka or Aang knowing. The pirates give a chase until the group escapes. Katara confesses about stealing the scroll and claims she stole it for Aang but then she becomes obsessed with it. Prince Zuko becomes allies with the pirates for a short period of time so he can capture the Avatar and the pirates can recieve their rare waterbending scroll.

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