Toph Beifong

Toph Beifong
Skills Earthbending
Tribe Earth Kingdom
Family Lao Bei Fong (father)
Poppy Bei Fong (mother)
Profession Earthbending Instructor
Professional Earthbending Fighter (formerly)
First Appearance The Swamp (cameo)
The Blind Bandit

Toph Beifong, better known as Toph, was a very powerful Earthbender and served as an instructor to Aang, The Avatar, during the time-period of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She was born in the city of Gaoling in the Earth Kingdom to the extremely wealthy Lao and Poppy Beifong. She was blind at birth and taught the ability of Earthbending by similarly blind creatures called Badgermoles. Having been born blind, her overprotective parents often thought of her as nothing but fragile and weak. Little did they know that she was champion and professional fighter at the Earth Rumble VI, where she gained her famous name, the Blind Bandit. She journeys alongside Aang and the gang after losing interest in the boring life she lived at home. She was the first person ever to developed the skill, Metalbending which later on became the skill that many earthbenders are able to learn.


[edit] Biography

Toph Be Fong as seen on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

[edit] Book One: Water

[edit] Book Two: Earth

[edit] Book Three: Fire

[edit] Personality

Toph was ironically much different than the image first shown when Aang and friends find her in the Earth Kingdom. Despite her rich and royal background, Toph initially became very direct, sarcarstic and crudely truthful. After leaving her family behind, Toph immediately adopted attire and an attitude fit for a tomboy, opposite of the restrictions she had whilst at home. Toph is commonly found lounging about, unwashed and belching. These traits are most likely directly related to the life she left behind and her hatred for it.

Initially Toph seems to be the opposite of Katara; Katara being a motherly figure for the group - kind and welcoming - where as Toph is very independant and steadfast. Toph gradually grows out of these traits in compromise to teach Aang Earthbending, but her tomboyish ways and occassional rude comments are existent throughout much of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Despite her rough start, Toph is soon warmly accepted into Team Avatar as a vital member and friend.

[edit] Friends

[edit] Aang

[edit] Katara

Toph and Katara's friendship is a very odd and transforming one throughout the series. In early episodes, Toph and Katara do not get along very well. Toph, though formerly a very noble Earth Kingdom resident, prefers to live a life of freedom in tune with the earth. She is a very dirty, "unlady-like" girl, especially for her age. During the first few episodes of her join to the team, Katara consistently argues back and forth with Toph because of her rude and innapropriate behavior. Toph does not assist with the group's chores, but rather sets up tent herself and "pulls her own weight". Katara, being a team player, is furious with Toph's decision to do this and scolds her until Toph leaves the group. Fortunately Toph's voyage alone leads her right back to Aang and friends where they learn to get along.

Later episodes display Katara and Toph being immensely closer than previously seen. Toph explains to Aang that Katara is like a mother figure to her, and that she gets frustrated at her like any other mother, agreeing that she appreciates all Katara does for the group and that she loves her.

[edit] Sokka

[edit] Skills

TophEarthBending.png Toph is self acclaimed to be the most powerful Earthbender in the world. Toph, unlike other benders, uses the vibrations and motions of the earth to feel and 'see', in a way. Toph can predict enemy movements due to this and act accordingly, making her earthbending much more powerful. Toph, in due to her blindess, 'connected' to the earth beyond most earthbenders and thus can manipulate it to an extent much beyond that of others earthbenders.
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