Welcome to Republic City

Welcome to Republic City
Book Air
Episode No. (Season) 1
Episode No. (Series) 1
Locations Southern Water Tribe
Republic City
Air Temple Island
Main Characters Korra
Order of the White Lotus
Nation Water

Welcome to Republic City is the first episode in the first, Book One: Air, for Avatar: The Legend of Korra. It introduces a number of new characters, such as the main character of the series Avatar Korra, and spotlights a few of the aged characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, with Katara showing up within the first few minutes.


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] A Whole New World

A small group of members of the Order of the White Lotus are seen traveling through a blizzard and gain entry to a small house, revealed to be in the Southern Water Tribe. Upon mentioning that they've investigated a number of children that have had claims to be the Avatar, they are curious as to why these two parents seem so sure that their daughter, Korra, is the Avatar. With a smile, the mother calls Korra into the room and she makes an entrance in true Avatar style, by showcasing her Earthbending, Firebending, and Airbending all in one opening sequence.

The screen cuts to the modern day South Pole, where she is putting her Firebending skills to the test to prove that she's mastered it and is ready to learn Airbending. During the battle there are a number of prominent spectators, including three members of the Order of the White Lotus, her Firebending teacher, and an aged Katara, presumed to have been her Waterbending teacher if not at least a consultant. After defeating the group rather handily, the Firebending teacher and a White Lotus member remark how even though Korra has excelled in the physical areas of bending, she is severely lacking in the spiritual aspects, and that as Avatar she would need to master both. Korra counters by bringing up Tenzin, saying that she needs to begin learning Airbending from him because he's a paragon of the spiritual side of bending and he could help her with it. They defer to Katara to make the decision, and she says she's ready to begin Airbending.

Upon hearing this Korra puts aside her excitement, thanks them in a composed and respectful manner, and walks off to tell her Spirit Guide, Naga. Katara looks on with a smile, and an overjoyed Korra is thrilled that in a few short days she will begin Airbending. The days pass and Tenzin and his family is seen flying in on an Air Bison named Oogi. The personalities of his children are introduced, from oldest to youngest: Jinora is rather studious, and like her father, quiet; Ikki is the opposite of her older sister, being rather talkative and explosive; Meelo is the youngest and currently the only son of Tenzin, and his personality is more like that of his sister Ikki's and even resembles Aang from the beginning of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Pema is their mother, and unlike her spouse and children, a non-bender. She is pregnant with her fourth child, and Katara reveals that she can sense the baby will be another bender.

Tenzin spots Korra looking on with patience behind Katara, and introduces himself. Unfortunately he reveals to her that they can't stay long, because he has a duty to fulfill back in Republic City and his presence is greatly needed. Over dinner Korra learns that Tenzin will be busy for quite some time, and so she requests to go to Republic City with him. The lead White Lotus member quickly objects, saying that Aang had tasked the Order of the White Lotus with protecting her, and that it would be too dangerous. Korra leaves the table shortly afterward, annoyed that her mastering of Airbending will be prolonged even further. Tenzin and his family leave the next morning on Oogi, while Korra and Naga can only sit and watch.

[edit] Introducing Republic City

Korra feels she needs to find her own path as the Avatar, and begins to saddle Naga in the middle of the night hoping to escape. Having grown wise in her old age, Katara interrupts her and gives Korra her blessing, saying she knows she will be a great Avatar. Thanking her, Korra and Naga burrow through the snow and pop out near her parents house. Saying farewell, they stowaway on a ship that is headed for Republic City. Once there they exit while the ship is being unloaded, to the bewilderment of the crew, and feast their eyes on the wonders of Republic City. The development of the world is quite obvious, with dozens of automobiles packing streets and tall buildings having been erected. The large statue of Aang from the opening credits is focused on briefly before Tenzin's home of Air Temple Island is spotted. Naga has other plans, however, and they make their way through the city looking for food, causing a number of wrecks and disturbing a handful of citizens along the way.

Being turned down at a food shop for not having any money, a dejected Korra and Naga acquire a meal the old fashioned way, by fishing and then cooking their catch with Firebending. A strange man pops out of a nearby bush, asking for a bite to eat. Korra obliges him by giving him one of of the fish she's caught. He helps reality set in a little bit better about how not everyone that lives in the city is well off, but before Korra can let that sink in a police officer begins running toward her telling her she can't fish here. She whistles for Naga and makes her escape while the man returns to the bushes. As she's wondering around she passes a man with a megaphone, spreading propaganda for the Equalists and their leader, Amon. He cleverly gets the crowd on his side when Korra decides to speak out, prompting her to move on into the city a little deeper.

[edit] The Avatar is Here

She stops and asks a woman if she knew how to get to Air Temple Island and she tells her that she can find it by continuing down this street, before an approaching car spooks her into telling Korra that it isn't safe here. Three men step out of the car and walk up to a phonograph vendor, wanting some of his profits in exchange for not tearing down his shop. Unfortunately business has been slow, and the man doesn't have any money for them. As the three men get ready to bully the man, Korra speaks up. With a laugh, the three men tell her she's in Triple Threat Triad territory, and after a quick exchange of words the middle man throws attacks with Waterbending. Quickly countering this move, Korra freezes the man's head and knocks him out. One of the other thugs proceeds to try Earthbending on her, which Korra again counters using the same element as her attacker, astonishing those looking on. The final man tries Firebending and again Korra easily defeats him, with Firebending of her own. The thugs and the spectators now know that she is the Avatar, and as the thugs try to escape Korra thwarts the attempt and captures them.

A police force swoops in from an air balloon patrolling the sky using special retractable tethers that they metal bend. They arrest the three thugs and attempt to arrest Korra as well, due to the damage she caused to the nearby shops during the battle. Objecting to this Korra and Naga begin to run, using various techniques to make their escape. Unfortunately, after traversing much of the city they are eventually captured by metal tethers securing both Korra and Naga, and they carry her to their head quarters. She is locked in a room with a woman who is revealed to be Lin Beifong, the daughter of Toph Beifong, and chief of the police force. Her hopes of her status as Avatar helping her in the situation unfortunately doesn't, and Korra doesn't understand why considering all Chief Beifong's mother had been through with the Avatar Aang. Tenzin is able to come in and get the charges dropped, however, under the proviso that he take responsibility for the damage and that Korra will be returning to the Southern Water Tribe immediately.

Korra reveals to Tenzin that she understands why Republic City needs him, but tries to persuade him by saying that it also needs the Avatar. We see a brief moment of embarrassed rage when Korra brings up that she came with Katara's blessing, to which Tenzin wasted no time requesting that she leaves his mother's wishes out of it. They take a short boat ride to the docks where a larger boat awaits, intended to take Korra back to the Southern Water Tribe, and Tenzin looks on at the same statue of Aang that had captured Korra's attention when she had gotten off of the boat upon her arrival. As they prepare to part ways, Tenzin's children come swooping in on traditional Air Nomad Gliders asking if Korra was going to stay and live with them on Air Temple Island. Unfortunately, Korra had to tell them that she couldn't, but as she nears the ship Tenzin shouts out to her, realizing that Republic City needs Korra to fulfill her duty as the Avatar and restore it to the peaceful place that Aang had envisioned it to be.

A press conference of sorts is now going on, with Korra standing at the podium with Naga, Lin Beifong, and Tenzin standing to her side. She makes a short speech, introducing herself to the crowd and to the city, while reports snap photographs and ask questions. Not really knowing what she has in store for Republic City, Korra admits this but does say that she plans on making Republic City a center of peace like it was originally intended to be. This conference is being heard by radio in a room by a group of Equalists, including their leader Amon. Amon reflects on this announcement, saying that this accelerates their plans before the scene cuts to the credits.

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