Nationality Fire Nation
Gender Male
Family (main relations)
Enemies (main)
Skills Firebending, dual dao swordsmanship
First Appearance The Boy in the Iceberg

Zuko is the prince of the Fire Nation during Avatar: The Last Airbender series, who soon became the Fire Nation's new Fire Lord after the one hundred war. He was known as the main antagonist who constantly been searching for the Avatar ever since he was banished by his father, Fire Lord Ozai. To regain his honour and his acceptance of his father he had to capture the Avatar, who was seen as a threat to the Fire Nation's success to the War. His memorable scar often haunts him of his banishment. His younger sister, Princess Azula, has always been the favourable child from their father but their mother, Princess Ursa seemily liked Zuko over Azula.

Throughout the series Prince Zuko had been traveling with his uncle, Iroh, the retired general of the Fire Nation who often advises Zuko and was more of a father figure to Zuko than the Fire Lord.

Prince Zuko is an extremely talanted firebender but always been outshined by his sister, Princess Azula. After his banishment, his uncle gave Zuko firebending lessons. Even at the start of the series, Zuko is a powerful bender who managed to beat his main rival, General Zhao in an Agni Kai match.

During Book Two: Earth prince Zuko and Iroh then posed as refugees in Ba Sing Se and worked there and almost lived a normal life. When his sister took over Ba Sing Se, she found Zuko and they resulted in teaming up with each other and "defeated" the Avatar. He was then accepted by his father and welcomed back to the Fire Nation as the well-respected prince. After a long time, Zuko realised his place in the world, and that was to leave the Fire Nation once again and to help the Avatar defeat his father and restore balance to the world.

Once Zuko joined Team Avatar he taught firebending to Aang successfuly after their visit to the firebending masters. After the one hundred year war, Zuko was crowned as the Fire Lord and restored honour to the Fire Nation. After many years, he eventually retired as Fire Lord and passed down the position to his daughter.


[edit] Personality

Zuko was an innocent child who was very close to his mother. His mother must of have been his role model, as he had a good, caring nature like hers. For this, his father seen him as weak and unworthy. As a teenager, he was banished by his father, and lost his honour as a prince. To redeem his honour he had to capture Avatar Aang. After his banishment, he was a very angry, bitter person who put his whole life towards tracking down the avatar to capture him. When he was living in Ba Sing Se with his Uncle Iroh, he seemed to be more calm and patientthan he used to be but during that time, his personality was somewhat eerie. After joining Team Avatar, he was first shy since their situation was awkward, since they've been enimies for a long time. He started to show a lot of confidence and was rather witty.

[edit] History

[edit] Childhood

[edit] Book One: Water

[edit] Book Two: Earth

[edit] Book Three: Fire

[edit] Skills

Zuko firebending.png Zuko has always been a very talented firebender but, his sister Azula always overshined him. As a child he could easily show basic firebending techniques such as creating a small blast of flames. At the age of thirteen he believed he was ready to have a match of Agni Kai, but he refused to fight because his father was his challenger.

Zuko's firebending was constantly improving throughout the series, in Book 1 he was a good firebender yet, slightly out of control. In Book 2 he started to take firebending more seriously, since it's a dangerous type of bending. However, he still could not defeat his sister and she could easily knock him down. During Book 3, Zuko was an extremely skilled bender and decided to mentor Aang, that ended with success after visiting the ancient city of the Sun Warriors then learning and preforming "The Dancing Dragon" which is an old firebending form. When Zuko interrupted Azula's crowning of being firelord, she challenged him to Agni Kai which he accepted. Both, blasting powerful flames at one and another. Zuko defeated his sister. Zuko is now known as a firebending master.

Dual dao swords
Zuko sword.png Zuko is especially skilled in Dual Dao swordsmanship, taught by Master Piandao. The Dao blades are his first choice of weapon of combat whenever he isn't using firebending. Such as he was posing as the mysterious 'Blue Spirit' or when he was hiding from his sister with his uncle, he said his name was Lee during that time.
Zuko as the blue spirit, using Aang as a hostage

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Family

Azulon - Grandfather

  • Iroh - Great Nephew
  • Sozin - Great Grandfather
  • Roku - Great Grandfather
  • Ta Min - Great Grandmother

[edit] Friends

  • Iroh

And more

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Love Interest

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