Zuko Alone

Zuko Alone
Book Earth
Episode No. (Season) 7
Episode No. (Series) 27
Main Characters
Original Air Date 12th May, 2006
Previous Episode The Blind Bandit
Next Episode The Chase

Zuko Alone is the seventh episode in Book Two: Earth of Avatar: The Last Airbender series and is also the twenty-seventh episode in the overall series. After leaving his uncle, Prince Zuko makes his own journey. He meets a boy and his family and had dinner with them. Throughout the episode Zuko has flashbacks of his past.

[edit] Synopsis

The episode begins with Zuko traveling famished and parched and near feinting. He makes his way to an Earth Bending town where he asks for water and bags of feed but fails to supply enough cash for water. A nearby kid launches an egg at a group of horrible soldiers who steal Zuko's bag of goods thinking he did it. The vendor nearby tells Zuko that the soldiers are only thugs.

The kid, Li, then asks Zuko to come back home, so he can repay him. Li's parents ask Zuko to stay for supper, and Zuko, to his initial annoyance, agrees and helps with the farm work until supper. Li questions Zuko's past until his father interrupts and impedes Li's questionnaire.

Upon Li's question, Zuko has a flashback of his childhood. Zuko and his mother are admiring a pond of turtle ducks when his sister, Azula, tricks him into pushing the girl he likes into a pond. Zuko's mother returns with news of a letter from their uncle, Iroh, as reads them aloud. Iroh encloses a pearl dagger and a doll or Azula (to her dismay).

Zuko finds Li outside of their farm house practicing swordsmanship at night. Zuko gives Li tips as to how to practice and become better. The next morning, as Zuko departs, a group of soldiers return to tell his family that his older brother, who's enlisted as a soldier, had his batallion captured. The news breaks the family and Zuko departs his pearl dagger with Li.

Another flashback occurs where Zuko and Azula are told that Iroh's son has died and that he retreated from the war. Azula outsmarts her brother with her knowledge and superior fire bending technique where as Zuko fails and is supported solely by his mother. Azula sneaks into the secret meeting and confirms that Iroh's bloodline has ceased and that he and his children are alive. Izoh asks for Iroh's bloodline to be abandoned. Later that night Azula tells Zuko that their father's punishment is to lose his first son like what happened to Iroh. Again, his mother helps him.

Li's mother begs Zuko for help upon catching up to him and tells him that Li pulled a knife on the army and was in turn asked to join the army. Zuko returns to help, knowing he has a part in Li's action. Zuko tells the soldiers what they are: punks. Zuko has another flashback mid-fight of his mother telling him that he can never forget who he is. She walks away into the darkness and Zuko awakes, using fire bending to defeat the last soldier. Li and his family resent in his being a fire bender and leave him. Another flashback happens where Zuko's mom is gone (later found out to be death) and their grandpa suddenly dies. Their father, Izoh, then attains status as king and has his coronation immediately after his father's funeral.

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